How to find my Facebook Pixel ID?

Pixel ID is your account recognition for Facebook ads. By adding your pixel ID, Facebook can track relevant audiences for brand advertisements. 

Every Facebook ad campaign/account has one or more than that.
Please follow the below steps.

Step 1 Go to Facebook Advertisements

Navigate to the Ads Manager section from your Facebook homepage

Step 2 Hover over to Events Manager Section

Once you click on Ads manager on Facebook, you will be redirected to the next page where you need to hover to the Events Manager section from the settings tab shown as three horizontal lines in the screenshot below. 

Step 3 Find Your Pixel ID

Go to the settings panel inside the events manager to see your Facebook Pixel ID. Follow the image attached for clarity

Step 4 Enter the ID in Replug

Navigate to Replug Retargeting Pixels section. Add a new Pixel ID.

Once done, add it. After that, you can use this pixel in your campaigns.

A Short GIF Demo:

You can always use smart filters while setting your audience and time frames. The GIF will guide you on how to locate your pixels as well as your ID for Facebook Ad tracking using the Facebook platform.

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