Why isn't my custom domain working?

In order to find out that your custom domain has been shown correctly, you need to follow the below steps:

  1. Navigate to https://intodns.org
  2. Enter your Custom Domain URL.

  3. Click on the Report button. Once the page is loaded. Look for the WWW record as shown below:

  4. The Address should be pointed towards rplg.co or an IP address

If you have set up a new domain make sure to wait 2-20 hours to fully propagate Domain Name System (DNS).

If you are setting a CNAME record on an older domain, keep an eye out for the Time to Live (TTL) setting; by default, the TTL setting is set to 14400 seconds which is 4 hours. It means that your subdomain and CNAME may take that long to propagate. You can shorten this by modifying the TTL number for your CNAME record.