How to find my Google Adwords Pixel ID?

In order to start capturing the data through the Retargeting Links, you need to add the Google Adwords Pixel ID for the retargeting pixel. 

To get started, please follow the below steps:

Step 1 Sign in to Google Adwords

Sign in to the Google Adwords. Once you are there, Open the “Tools, Bills, and Settings” navigation bar and select “Audience Manager”.

Once you are there, click on the Settings Icon.

Step 2 Select Audience Sources 

After clicking on the Audience Manager, select Audience Sources from the page. Click on the Details link.

In case, if you have not set up any Audience source, you will be seeing the below screen.

Click on the "SET UP TAG" to create your first tag. Once you have created the tab, you will see the option below.

Step 3 Copy the Partner/Pixel ID

Scroll down and open up the drop-down for AdWords Tag setup Instruction and tag code.

Within the Global site tag, you will see your Pixel ID in three places. Copy just the numeric value (NOT “AW-”) and paste that ID directly into Replug.

You will also see the option at the bottom of the page "Use Tag Manager", click on it and it will show you the Tag ID.

Step 4 Add Pixel in Replug

Navigate to the Replug Retargeting Pixels section. Add a new Pixel ID.

Once done, Add it. After that, you can use this pixel in your campaign.

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