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What is a 404 Redirect URL?

When a user visiting your platform and will landing on 404 pages. It shows that the user typed something wrong or their URL is outdated. If this happens, then the user redirects from one URL to another. The 404-page error is the part of the websites which tells the user that the page doesn't exist. 

In order to enter 404 Redirect URL, you need to follow these steps:

  1. Log into your Replug account.
  2. From Replug dashboard, hover over to Settings and click on the Custom Domain.
  3. Click on the Add  Domain and a pop-up appears where you need to add your domain.

  4. Now, you can enter your Domain URL and 404 Redirect URL and Click on Update Domain.

NOTE: When a user visiting the Replug account and click on Replug link which does not exist on the platform or outdated instead of showing an error message the user will automatically be redirected to this page.