What is Bio Links

Bio-Links is an effective feature when it comes to achieving cross-platform traffic. It is a self-designed landing page that you can share with your audience on several platforms. The usefulness of the feature comes along with increased visibility over the web resulting in more traffic towards your websites or landing pages. 

Block Type 1 Social Icons

It may contain your personal or your client's social networks managed as blocks showing up to 5 of 11 possible Network icons in a single Block. An example is attached below.

Block Type 2 Web Links

Also, you can design a Block where you can attach Website links of your choice showing relevant information to your targeted audience. Please find the image below. 

Block Type 3 RSS Feeds

In addition, a block can be configured using the RSS Feed of your choice that you want to present to your audience. Check the image below for clarity.

Combination of Blocks Multiple Blocks

You can also create several blocks on the same page having multiple Social Icons, Links, and Feeds altogether. The screenshot is attached below. 

Adding Themes Finalizing

All of the aesthetics on Bio-links can be fully tailored as per your marketing approach towards the target audience. That means you can add  Colors to Titles, change Text color, Background, Button colors, etc. 


This is about all you need to do to create Bio-Links for your business. 

Creating this code-free landing page is simple with Replug - and in this video, we show you exactly how to do it 👆

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