How to Connect Replug with Zapier?

Now with Replug and Zapier integration, you can connect thousands of applications and automate your workflows. Connecting Replug using Zapier brings efficiency in performing various tasks through automation.

Steps to connect Replug with Zapier?

To connect Zapier to Replug, you need to sign in to Zapier. 

Step 1 Create a Zap

Click on “Create Zap”.

Click on Create Zap

Step 2 Choose Trigger App

First, name your Zap in the top left corner. Then search and choose Replug as your first trigger to start your Zap. 

Choose Replug as your Trigger App

Step 3 Choose Trigger Event

Choose any event from the 3 trigger events (i.e. Brand, Campaigns and Replug Links) and create your first event. We have selected "New Replug Link" as our trigger event.

Add New Replug Link to add trigger event

Step 4 Sign-In

The next step is click on Sign in to Replug account.

Sign in to Replug using Zapier

Step 5 Enter Credentials

After clicking on “Sign in”, a pop-up will appear where you can enter your credentials and connect your Replug account to Zapier. 

Enter Replug Credentials

Here’s a short recap of the above process.

Connect Replug Using Zapier GiF

From this point, you can proceed further to create your Zaps.

How do I create a Zap for Replug Links and Google Sheets?

Here we have described a case of creating a Zap to automate your Replug workflows on your Google worksheet, choosing the "New Replug Link" event.

Step 1 Set Up Trigger

Add your Replug brand and campaign in the search fields and set up a trigger as shown in the image below.

Set up a Replug trigger

Step 2 Test Trigger

Click on "Test trigger" to test your trigger if it works or not. 

Click Test Trigger

Here's a preview of a successful trigger in the image below.

Successful Trigger

Step 3 Action

Proceed to add a new action by clicking on the plus sign. For this specific case, we have chosen "Create Spread Sheet Row".

Add an action

Step 4 Select Preferred App Event

Select Google Sheets” to set up the App Event.

Select Google Sheets for the action

Step 5 Create Action Event

Select "Create Spreadsheet Row" in Google Sheets to create an action event

Add an action event

Step 6 Connect Your Google Acount

Connect to your Google account to access your preferred Google Sheet. 

Connect your Google account

Step 7  Setup Action

Continue to set up your Google Sheet Action.

Select your Google drive for the action. Choose your spreadsheet from the Google drive and worksheet within spreadsheet for the preferred action.

Further, fill each field by selecting the relevant and matching data that you want to replicate on your Google Sheet. 

A preview of the selected data is shown in the image below. 

Preview of the set up action

Step 8  Test Action

Click on “Test and Continue” to complete and set up the action. 

You can also review your action by clicking “Test and Review” to remain on the same page.

Test Action

Step 9  Turn on Zap

Click on “Turn on Zap” to complete your Zap.

Click-Turn On Zap

Step 10  Connecion Completed

Zap is On

Below is the preview of the automated data of New Replug Link copied to your Google worksheet.

Automated data on your Google worksheet

That's not all! You can create more zaps for the same trigger event. 

Connect Replug Using Zapier and Create more Zaps

That's all from our side. Hurry up! connect Replug with Zapier and start creating Zaps to automate your tasks from this useful integration.