What is Brand and How to Create One?

Often times, we have been asked, what exactly is a Brand in Replug? 

A brand in Replug is a unique identity for your business. You can create a brand by adding the name, website or Social profile URL, and logo of your businesses to track their performance.

Let's say you have 5 websites, each carries a unique identity. These 5 unique identities are considered to be 5 unique brands in Replug. You can place the website logo or your profile picture as a brand to convey your message:

Here are the guidelines, which illustrate you on how to create your first brand.

Step 1 Go to Brands

Starting from the Replug dashboard, click on the Brand placed on the navigation menu.

Step 2 Create a New Brand

In the next screen, click on a "New Brand" button to create the brand for your company or product.

Fill out the required information consist of Company or product name and website or URL. After that, upload your brand image by clicking on the Image button.

Step 3 Save Your Brand

In the last step, click on the Save button to save your brand.

That's all you need to do to create a brand.