SendInBlue Integration

SendinBlue empowers businesses to build and grow relationships through marketing campaigns, transactional messaging and marketing automation. It combines a robust suite of email and SMS messaging services within a single, user-friendly solution. 

Here's the documentation which explains to you how to integrate SendInBlue with the

Step 1 SendInBlue Integration

Starting off, from the Replug dashboard, go to the Account setting, click on the integration there you will see a list of different integration service with Replug. Click on the Connect button.

Step 2 Access your SendInBlue API key

When you're going to connect SendInBlue, it will ask you the SendInBlue key, So in order to access API key, you need to login to SendInBlue. 

After this, the dashboard will appear, go to the User icon, click on the SMTP and API, and there you'll get your SendinBlue API key.

After this, input your API keys into the field to connect the Sendinblue with Replug, and click on the Connect button.

In the last step, you have to choose the lists that you'd like to connect with Replug. Click on the Save button and your SendinBlue account has been connected successfully.

Step 3 Create a campaign in Replug

Now, Log into Replug and create the campaign, you can select the SendinBlue option as an email service provider in a CTA. You can also select the account and email list to which you'd like to collect your leads from the branded message.


If you have connected your campaign to SendInBlue and email addresses are not being added to your list, then there are common reasons as to why:

Email already in the SendInBlue list
The email address entered into the campaign may already be on your SendInBlue list, so it will not be added again.

The user did not opt-in
The user did not click the link in their double opt-in confirmation email that was sent to them. If they don't click that link, they won't be added to your list.

Delay in reporting
 SendiIBlue is having a delay in reporting. Try checking again in a few hours.