What are UTM parameters and how to use them with Replug

This article is about using UTMs to design better campaigns with Replug

UTMs are shortcodes that are appended at the end of URLs to track your website's traffic source.

Using Google Analytics, you can track the source of visitors to your website through UTMs. This can be done through the traffic reports feature in Google Analytics. These reports show 3 types of traffic. 

Organic: When traffic is coming from search engines.
Referral: When the traffic is coming from some other website.
Direct: It shows if the traffic is coming from the web address directly.

This means that UTMs are essential to know how to market your website correctly and know the strong and weak sources accordingly.

The parameters, in this case, can be the ones that are commonly used and are identified as:

Source: Sources you may track could be Facebook, Google, Bing, Inbound.org, or the name of an email list. The parameter is  utm_source.
Medium: The medium parameter tracks what  type of traffic the visitor originated from – CPC, email, social, referral, display, etc. The parameter is  utm_medium.
Campaign: For example, you can use the campaign parameter to differentiate traffic between different Facebook Ad campaigns or email campaigns. (See more on naming conventions below on The parameter is  utm_campaign.
Content: In case you have multiple links pointing to the same URL (such as an email with two CTA buttons), this code will help you track which link was clicked. The parameter is  utm_content.
Keyword Term:  The keyword parameter allows you to track which keyword term a website visitor came from. This parameter is specifically used for paid search ads. The parameter is  utm_term.

Step 1 Add UTMs while creating a Campaign

To add parameters on Call to Actions in Replug while creating a campaign, follow the process below. 

Once you create a new campaign and choose the CTA feature for your campaign, you will see an option to add parameters near the Click to Call button as shown on the screenshot. 

Once you click on the highlighted option to add UTMs, it will show you a panel where you can enter specific parameters to track your audience through CTA's. The example is shown below for clarity. 

Here, you can choose a saved preset or create a new set of parameters in accordance with your tracking priorities. 

Follow the GIF below for the process. 

Step 2 Add UTMs while creating Links

To add parameters on shortened branded links in Replug, follow the process below. 

Once you are creating links, you have to select the option to add parameters while creating a short link as shown below. 

Choosing this option will take you again to the page from where you can choose saved presets or create new ones. The screenshot is shown below. 

GIF for the process is attached for clarity. 

UTMs can be used on all paid plans, trial plans, and special offers with Replug.

If you have any questions related to Replug, you can email us directly at the happiness team or use the live chat on this page (also available on the dashboard at any time).