Traffic Routing Rules

Are you trying to target a specific audience of your own choice? Do you want to divide your traffic or need to provide a direct link to customers for a specific site to increase your engagements? 

The Traffic Routing Rules feature by Replug makes it simple for you to get the ideal crowd significantly quicker.

Note: Traffic Routing Rules feature is only available for "Professional" and "Agency" Plans.

Utilization of the Traffic Routing feature requires 4 simple steps.

  1. Login to the Replug Application. Navigate to the Replug Links page. Click on the New Link button and proceed with the Link Creation Steps.
  2. Prior to saving the Link, enable the Traffic Routing feature by toggling its slider button. Enabling this feature will show you a button named the "Add new rule" button from there you can add rules.
  3. On clicking the "Add new rule" button, a modal will open from where you can choose the "filters" like country, device, browser, operating system, and many more. 

    If the  country of the visitor is Pakistan,
    the browser is Chrome,
    the device is Desktop/Laptop, and
    Operating System is Windows,
    then navigate to:
    Otherwise, if the  IP Address is, Day of the week is Friday/Sunday and the Date is 2021-11-15 then navigate to:
    Otherwise, point to the  default destination URL.

    Note: You can add up to 10 rules. Each Rule may consist of multiple Blocks and each block can have multiple filters. If all Filters will be matched then a block will work and for a Rule to work at least one block must be matched, otherwise, the default destination URL will be loaded.

  4. Once done with Rules click on the Save button at the left bottom of the popup and you are all set to save your branded link with  Traffic Routing Feature enabled. 
    Grab your Audience by sharing your Replug Link.

Get a detailed example of Traffic Routing in Replug Link.

  • For using Traffic Routing Rule, the Campaign type is very important. Whenever a CTA type campaign is selected, destination URLs must be iframe (In order to display a web page inside another website, we make use of the iFrame. The source website must allow showing their website content in an iframe. If the source website doesn't allow an iframe header, Replug shows a warning while creating CTA Campaigns.)
  • Traffic Routing Rules and A/B testing cannot be used simultaneously.